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Make Money in the New Normal

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If you are unemployed or want to break from the 9 am to 5 pm work schedule, there are various opportunities for you to make money. What’s good about these methods is that they are more pleasurable than you could imagine. You can choose from the many available options without necessarily focusing on one niche. The good thing about these methods is that anyone can do them regardless of age, profession, or level of education. Here are several ways you can make an income without relying on a traditional job.

Making money without a ‘traditional’ job

The traditional definition of a career is ‘an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress’. The traditional definition of a job is a career that equates work with labour in exchange for money. This equation can present itself in a number of different ways, allowing you to break away from 9 to 5 work or age-old working practices and find new ways to make money. For example, you could:

Rent a Room

Renting a room is the easiest way you can make extra money. As long as you have some space to do so, you can earn a decent income from this with minimal effort. Many people usually rent their rooms on an online vacation rentals platform for tourists and those who need a place to stay. However, you can also open a granny flat or advertise a permanent flatmate. If you live in a favorable area, you can earn some money from doing this. 

Become a Freelance Writer

Do you have a passion for writing? if you are a bit of a brainiac and have solid writing skills ?
 If you answered yes to these questions, you should consider freelance writing. This money-making opportunity is lucrative and flexible. Plus, you don’t need a Journalism or English degree to do it. Check on Twitter and other job boards for companies that are looking for writers. Plus, being a freelance writer allows you to set your own working hours and pick the company you want to work with.

Take Part in Online surveys 

Companies are always conducting Online surveys  to determine what customers think about their services and products. They look for individuals to participate in their survey and pay them in return. Taking part in these surveys is an easy way of making money online without a job. 

Simply, look for survey websites that help you earn a decent income from participating. The best thing about these sites is that they don’t charge any fees for joining. Well, taking surveys will not make you rich. However, if you are committed you can make good money from them.

Start a Blog and Become an Affiliate

Blogging is among the best ways of making money online. You can write product review about anything you want, provided that you have an audience that wants to listen. You can write about traveling, food, skincare, fashion, fitness etc. Once your article gains traffic, you can approach brands to become their affiliate marketer. All you’ll need to do is insert a link to your article that takes your readers to the seller’s products or services. Since these links can be tracked, you’ll get a commission whenever someone buys a product or service using your link.

Earn Cashback

Most of us, if not all of us, love free money. And did you know that you can earn from doing your regular shopping? Some banks and credit cards include this service in their offerings. Therefore, confirm with your bank if it does so. Also, you may get a discount or cashback on some sites, whenever you shop from their partnered stores. Additionally, some like some investing platform give users cashback when they deposit money in their investing account.

But, while cashback is an easy way of getting some money, be careful not to spend on things that you don’t need or can’t afford. Note that these schemes are designed to lure you into spending more money. Thus, it’s easy to fall into credit card debt if you aren’t careful.

Create a Product

People are always going to need a product. For instance, there will always be a need for soap, clothes, books, etc. If you have the skills of making one, it could be an excellent way of earning outside the 9 am to 5 pm setting. And thanks to technological advancements, one can now create a product digitally to save on the productions cost. Once your product is ready, the next thing will be to advertise it for consumers to be aware.

Become a Virtual Assistant

Nowadays, companies are taking advantage of virtual assistants to reduce labor cost. A company may hire a virtual assistant to handle social media, manage its blog content, schedule meetings and events ad set up phone calls, among other things. The good thing is that you can perform all these tasks in the comfort of your home. Start by determining the skills that you can offer a client and then you can look for someone to work with. We advise that you start with a few skills, then you can build your way up.

Final Thoughts

There are endless ways to make money besides having a traditional job. Most of these opportunities require little effort and minimal investments. However, it’s wise that you remain realistic with your goals. As much as these opportunities can give you a decent income, they aren’t a quick get rich scheme. As such, it will take hard work, commitment, and creativity to bear fruits.

If you need financial help to start your money-making project,Fundo loans is here for you. We offer quick cash loans of up to $2000. Our repayment plans are very flexible, hence you’ll not need to strain your finances trying to make a minimum payment. Get in touch with us at 02 9066 9660 or email us at [email protected] for more information.


Disclaimer:The opinions expressed in the Blog are for general informational and entertainment purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or on any specific investment product. It is only intended to provide education about the financial industry.  The views reflected in the commentary are subject to change at any time without notice.

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