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5 Advantages You Get When Applying For Instant Cash Loans

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A popular type of loan offered by Australian private lenders is what they call an ‘instant cash loan’. Lenders typically highlight it as an advantage over other lenders in the industry. Here is what makes instant cash loans very appealing to Australian borrowers.

Instant Cash Loans Are True To Their Name

A private lender focuses on delivering efficient, fast service. They work hard on streamlining; if you apply for an instant cash loan, they will attend to your application as quickly as possible. Once the loan is approved and the contract signed, you will have the funds in your account. You could start and finish this process in one business day.

You Can Apply For Loans Of Any Size

One limitation of borrowing from a bank is that they set minimum lending limits for personal loans. Typically, you need to borrow at least $5,000, which can be an excessive amount for some. Instant cash loans allow borrowers to apply for loans from $500 up to $25,000, a perfect solution for someone who urgently needs an infusion of funds but does not want to repay a loan for longer than necessary.

Instant Cash Loans Require Zero Collateral

As long as you have an income and have proof of your identity, you do not need to offer security or collateral for instant cash loans. You also do not need to be at a particular income threshold for your fast cash loan. Note, though, that lenders might offer unemployed persons or those with a low credit score pawn loans instead. These are a type of loan where you leave your car, boat, or motorbike as security against the loan. If you’re considering how to improve your credit score, we have all types of tips, tricks, information and resources available throughout our website to help you.

It Is Easy To Apply For This Kind Of Loan

Application forms for instant cash loans are straightforward and easy to understand. You do not need to set aside a couple of hours just to read and fill these out. You can likely complete your forms in five to ten minutes, and you can even do this online! After you submit them, the lender will process your forms quickly and make a decision soon after. You do not need to wait for days or weeks to know whether they granted your loan or not.

Meanwhile, there are slight differences in the application procedure for a pawn loan. You cannot complete this type of loan online; you have to bring your vehicle to the lender’s premises. After they inspect it, they will negotiate an amount based on your car or bike’s current market value. 

The Terms And Conditions Are Easy To Understand

Many private lenders are transparent about their fees, interest rates, and other conditions, and this information is readily available on their website. Lenders eliminate the guesswork about what you’re signing up for; you won’t need to worry about charges buried several pages into a PDF contract. To give yourself peace of mind, you can call or send an email to clarify things you do not understand. 

Contrary to what many may believe, the overall size of active personal loans in Australia has decreased throughout the pandemic and is now at its lowest since September 2015, after dropping month after month. This figure now sits at a total of $145.5 billion. If anything, this can be a sign of Aussies managing funds and finances better and understanding when to take a loan as required, especially in the face of such unprecedented events.


An instant cash loan is one of the quickest ways people can gain access to small sums, which can be very helpful in emergencies. Private lenders make it easy for people to apply for these types of loans. If you’re interested in knowing more about loans like these, consult a financial advisor or a private loan lender.

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