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How to stay afloat in the midst of Covid19 pandemic

By July 27, 2021 No Comments

With the rise in COVID-19 cases, the Premier of New South Wales has announced stricter lock-down restrictions yet again. By now, we all know that the COVID-19 crisis poses a huge risk to financial stability and great uncertainty about its severity and length. The financial system of an individual or a whole organization has gone through a dramatic impact. According to the medics report, the first case of corona-virus and the worldwide spread of the infectious virus, the ravaging effects of the pandemic have hit all aspects of the world. If you’ve been looking for the best ways to survive the Covid19 pandemic financially, this article provides practical advice on how to cope with the pandemic financially.

Perform most of the duties yourself

Before the Covid19 pandemic, you have been paying either a house help or professional cleaners to take care of all tasks at home. However, with the limited monthly or weekly payment during this period, you can save more by doing most of your duties by yourself. Learn to wash clothes, how to clean your home. In addition, you can work on your garden maintenance by yourself, such as weeding, pruning, and watering. These practices will help you save a lot of money during this pandemic

Reconsider your budget

It’ll be very important to consider your budget during this period. If you have a reduced monthly salary and can’t satisfy all the needs in your budget, it will be good to obtain quick cash loans from Fundo services to help you get all the basic needs. More so, you can cut on the various things that don’t seem necessary; prioritizing the basic needs in your budget can help you cope more financially in this Covid 19 pandemic period. You can also cut on some unnecessary spending such as entertainment.

Take control of the debts.

Having some small cash loans from Fundo services can be a good step to help you when you get stuck financially. However, it’ll be good to track and manage all the debt you owe people and lending firms. The best debt controlling habit is to ensure what you earn is proportional to the debts you have. Lastly, consolidating the loans into one repayment period will help you avoid huge loan repayment interests.

Avoid large and long-term loans

Large and long-term loans usually have higher interest charges; thus, you may need to pay a lot of money. Therefore, it’ll be good to seek short-term loans such as same-day loans and quick loans if you need any financial assistance. Various lending firms such as Fundo services provide these loans with minimal interest. Fundo services can offer these loans with minimum loan interest. Thus, you won’t have difficulties in repaying these loans during this period when you might experience some financial constraints. Experts advise you to use these loans for your basic things, i.e., don’t take the quick cash loans for leisure purposes during this pandemic period.

Final thoughts

With the ravaging economic effects of the pandemic, it’ll be good to follow the above guidelines to help you survive financially during this pandemic. and If you still need assistance to pay bills or require some cash for an emergency, visit to find out how Fundo can help you with a small personal loan of $300 to $2,000. With same-day approval.  



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