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4 Misconceptions Surrounding Fast Cash Loans, Debunked

By February 5, 2021 No Comments

The pandemic has forced many Australians into tight financial corners. Many have been forced to cut back on their lifestyles. What most people don’t realise is that it is fully possible to take out fast loans online with no credit requirements. The problem is that these tend to have a bad rap from all the myths surrounding them. 

To help you understand why these loans are viable options, we have debunked a few of the misconceptions around fast cash loans. Read on if you’re considering one today!

Misconception #1: They are only for people with defaulted loans

It is true that fast loans with no credit requirements can help people with defaulted loans and bad credit. More often than not, these loans can help consolidate other debts into a single, more manageable source. In fact, people have used them to get out of plenty of sticky situations.

That being said, these loans are fully available to anyone, no matter their credit score. If you’re going through a rough spot in your finances, you can use loans like ours as a supplement to your stability. 

Misconception #2: They can’t be used as home loans

With the global economy still in shambles, the financial industry was forced to make plenty of concessions to adjust to the fluctuating market. Many lenders now offer home loans for people of all credit scores. Living in your dream home might not be as far-off a wish as you think. These are generally private lenders* with flexible terms and rates that match this risk profile accordingly. Just make sure to shop around for favourable terms that fit your lifestyle.

*Fundo is a lender that provides small loans, however, and does not provide this type of credit. 

Misconception #3: They will put me in debt longer

The only thing that can put you in debt longer is irresponsible financial decisions. When used carefully, fast cash loans can assist to get you out of debt sooner. As we have mentioned before, they are especially useful for consolidating other debts so that they can be paid more easily and quickly. 

So long as you maintain good financial habits and a pleasant relationship with your lender, these loans could be your ticket out of bad credit – especially at times when bad credit is preventing you from consolidating debts.

Misconception #4: They are dangerous for my financial well-being

There are plenty of reputable lenders out there with reasonable rates and repayment plans. All that you need to do is to carefully shop around for the right loan from a number of lenders so you can increase your chances of fair terms. 

While these loans are associated with bad credit, what most people don’t know is that the credit system sometimes lowers your rating once you pay off a debt. For someone with not-so-high credit, this might seem daunting. However, managing debt is all part of being a fiscally responsible person.

Though your credit score might be low now, these fast loans might be your key to a fresh start. A higher credit score might end up within reach. We’ve actually summarised some answers to frequently asked questions about short-term loans here – check it out!

Final thoughts

When it comes to your financial stability, it is important to understand the various options at your disposal. We hope we have been able to assuage any apprehensions you might have about low-credit loans by debunking the misconceptions surrounding them. After all, your next big opportunity might just be financed by one of these loans.

If you’re looking for fast cash loans for whatever reason, send us a message at Fundo. We have fair repayment terms and reasonable rates for borrowers of all credit levels. 

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