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$2000 loans approved in 60 seconds

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Fundo offers fast and often same day loans of up to $2,000. We understand that sometimes things happen and you need access to cash quick smart. That’s why at Fundo you can quickly access a fast cash loan of up to $2000 with most approvals decided in 60 seconds.

How do Fundo $2000 loans work?

Fundo offers small short term loans from $300 up to $2000 loans with same day funding. You can repay your loans for up to 180 days. To be eligible for one our same day loans you need to meet our application requirements. Firstly you need to be 18 years or older with a regular income of at least $500 per week. You can also receive benefits or a pension as long as it isn’t your only source of income.

Can I get a $2000 loan with bad credit?

A bad credit score won’t stop Fundo giving you a loan. We offer tiny loans like our no credit check loans to help cover those unexpected costs when you need cash quickly. Fundo is a responsible lender, so while we do consider your credit score, we also look at other factors such as your capability to repay the loan, your spending habits, and other financial commitments.

Is my $2000 loan instant?

We know that sometimes you need an instant $2000 loan. That’s why we have minimised the paperwork for our same day loans so you can apply in just 3 minutes. If all goes well you can often have your Fundo $2000 cash loan in under 60 minutes. Really.

When would I need a $2000 personal loan?

Life happens and we aren’t always ready for what it throws at us. A financial emergency like a vet emergency, a huge medical bill or a big repair like a car or a burst pipe at home. That’s where a personal loan of $2000 from Fundo can really help you when you’re in a financial jam.

I’m in – where do I apply for a $2000 cash loan?

Our $2000 instant loans with same day cash loans are there for when you most need it. You can apply directly on our website or even on your smartphone. Once you have your information ready the whole process takes around 3 minutes. We know you need a fast solution, that’s why we have worked hard to streamline the application process for our customers, and offer a simple 3-click apply feature to our returning customers via the dashboard —that’s quicker than waiting for a coffee!


Why should I choose $2,000 loans with Fundo?

Here at Fundo, we understand that everyone’s financial circumstances are different. For whatever reason, you’ve found yourself short of cash and need to cover some costs. We offer fast-turnaround $2,000 loans and can transfer the money to your account within an hour of approval. We also offer quick small loans for bad credit, so even if you’ve been turned away elsewhere, we can often help.

How can I contact Fundo if I have any questions about borrowing a $2,000 loan?

Our friendly customer service team are more than happy to help you with any questions so give us a call on 02 9066 9660 or send us an email to [email protected] about borrowing $2,000 online with Fundo.

What is the application process to apply and get approved for a $2,000 loan online?

Our application process is all online and incredibly quick—around 3 minutes to complete. Fill out all your details on the application form and one of your friendly Fundo team members will assess your application. Best of all, applications submitted during business hours will be processed on the same day. We are also able to tell you whether you’ve been accepted almost immediately. Once approval has been confirmed, we can transfer your funds to you within 5 minutes!

What if I need less than $2000 loan?

No sweat, Fundo offers loans from $300 up to $2000 to help you cover those unexpected costs that life throws your way. If you meet the requirements you can apply quickly and easily online for an up to $2000 loan today.

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